Kanji Drill

Use the Kanji Drill to practice and learn kanji. Your answers are separated into the kunyomi and onyomi readings, since these help you to know which pronunciation to use when reading the kanji in a sentence.

How to use the Kanji Drill

Type the readings in Romaji, separated by spaces:

And press the ‘Enter’ key when the percentage turns green:

You can continue to the next kanji once you have entered at least one correct reading:

But you cannot continue while you are still part-way through entering a reading:

Click on the kanji for hints:

To ‘pin’ the hint so it doesn’t disappear when you move your mouse away, click the kanji a second time.

Press the “Skip” button to miss a kanji and go to the next one.


The “Settings” link is at the top of the Kanji Drill. It is also on the My Lessons page and the Lesson page.


Purpose: Limit the drill to a subset of kanji.

Default: Off
Takes effect immediately: No, you must restart the drill.

For example, if the drill has 50 kanji, you could set “Maximum” to ‘10’ to practice only the first 10 kanji.

Note that when this setting is used, the maximum score possible for the drill will be less than 100%.


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