Getting Started: Teachers

Welcome to Blackbelt Japanese, the automated video chat website!


Step 1: Sign up

If you haven’t already done so, please sign up. Email us using the “Contact Us” link on our homepage, and we will send you a promo code for a FREE teacher account.


Step 2: Ask your students to sign up

Students need to subscribe to the relevant paid plan. They can pay by credit card on the “Subscribe” page.

Information sheets are available on request.


Step 3: Assign students to classes

Once your students have signed up, you can put them in classes.

Note: You will need the email address and password for each student.

Log in, go to “My Classes” from the site menu, and follow the instructions.

Students that are assigned to a class can see the Lesson Scoreboard and Vocab Scoreboard for that class.


Step 4: Make custom vocab lists [Optional step]

You can easily make custom lists of vocab for your classes to practice.

Students can also make personal vocab lists. As a teacher, you can see these personal lists but their classmates cannot.

See the help for “Custom Vocab Lists” for details of how to make and edit vocab lists.


Step 5: Monitor class progress [Optional step]

You can monitor the progress of students from the scoreboards in “My Lessons” and “My Vocab”.

The Lesson Scoreboard shows the ranking, overall score, and progress for lessons at each level.

The Vocab Scoreboard shows the ranking, overall score, and progress for the custom vocab drills.

As a teacher, you can select a student in the scoreboards to see their scores for the individual lessons, lesson sections, and custom vocab drills.

Students can see the lesson scoreboard too, but they cannot see the scores of classmates for individual lessons, lesson sections, or custom vocab drills.



It's up to you how you use the site: You can just use the lessons without making custom vocab lists, or vice versa.

We hope you and your students enjoy Blackbelt Japanese, and we look forward to hearing your feedback.



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