Custom Vocab Lists

Teachers can make custom vocab lists for their classes.

Students can make their own personal vocab lists.

With custom lists, you can:

  • Add vocab to a list from any lesson, or from any existing list.
  • See the class rankings on the Vocab Scoreboard.

Custom drills work just like the lesson drills, with sound and video. See the “Vocab Drill” help for more details about using drills.


How to make a list

Start a lesson from “My Lessons”, and click “Lesson vocab”.

For example:


You will see all the vocab in the drills for that lesson:


Select words to put in a list, and click “Save to custom list”:


The Vocab Scoreboard

Go to “My Vocab”:


How to practice a list

Go to “My Vocab”, and click on “Drills”.

You will see the class lists and any personal lists you have made:

Select a drill and press “Start drill” to practice it.

Or press “Drill Vocab” to see all the vocab in the drill.


How to edit or delete a list

Students can only edit their personal lists. Teachers can only edit the class lists.

Go to “My Vocab”, and click on “Drills”.

Select a drill to edit or delete, and select “Edit drill” or “Delete drill”:


Then you can remove words from the list:


How to make a list from another list

Go to “My Vocab”, and click on “Drills” and then “Drill vocab”.

From here you can make select vocab, and make a new list or add them to an existing list:



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